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Products for the medical and rehabilitation field
Each day, a number of people suffer from pain and inconvenience in their daily sitting and sleeping due to disabilities or multiple physical changes from aging. We are continuously searching for our way to contribute to this problem, which is becoming increasingly serious with a rapidly aging society. That is why we began to develop EXGEL and provide products for the medical and rehabilitation field. Outstanding features of EXGEL have been highly evaluated for use with wheelchair cushions, nursing mattresses and surgical pads, and it has successfully provided many people with comfort and a sense of safety.

A variety of fields and products
Based on the know-how that we have accumulated in the medical and rehabilitation field, we have applied the EXGEL to a variety of fields and products.
Functions of the EXGEL are now acknowledged in various fields and applied to many products such as shock-absorbing pads for child seats, beauty products, computer accessories, cushions for automobiles and even cutting edge products for motor sports.

Passion for manufacturing
With this highly functional material, EXGEL, and our passion for manufacturing, we will continue to strive for developing products for safe and comfortable living and hope to always be a company that obtains the trust of customers and society.

As long as there are customers who suffer from physical pain and distress and those who wish for safety and relief, we have a mission to execute. We will never stop striving towards our goals.