BIGreha are suppliers of Bespoke Bariatric Wheelchairs, Bariatric Rollators, Bariatric Showerchairs and Bariatric Commodes and XXL care equipment. Size is important in many respects. Whether thinking about shoes, clothes or cars: size determines your personell well-being. This is not different with rehab aids. If you are looking for optimal solutions for bariatric patients you must consider customized aids. Customization of heavy duty equipment is the key for highest customer satisfaction. Rehab equipment from the shelf will not deliver this level of satisfaction particularly for patients with extreme overweight and obesity.

In 1992, novacare® started developing and distributing medical devices with special focus on pressure care and pressure sore prevention products e.g. alternating pressure systems, hollow fiber and foam products.

Product development & service
A great portion of our work is devoted to product development. Securing our product quality is our special interest. The use of high-quality materials assures a high therapeutic benefit combined with durability. Most compressors of our alternating pressure systems feature e.g. full-metal cases and polyurethane membranes, which results in a maximum lifespan. This is why we can offer 24 months guarantee on all alternating pressure operating units. Therefore, safety related check-up and inspection of operating unit needs to be done only after expiration of this period. novacare® has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485, your guarantee for persistant quality and flawless functioning. Trust in countless endorsement worldwide and count on the quality of our company and products.